RX Report Card is a website – sponsored by Health Support Awareness, Inc., a 501-c-3 non-profit corporation – set up to help you, the patient, with pharmaceutical compliance and education.

RX Report Card is a web based information resource for people who need assistance with their Pharmaceutical Care issues and questions.

There are: No Fees & No Charges

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What is an RX Report Card?

An RX Report Card is a wallet-sized printout of your medicine list, a convenient way to carry your drug list with you.

  • For doctor’s visits
  • For emergencies
  • For your own records

    History - RX Report Card
    RX Report Card was started by Louis H. Mueller, a retired Registered Pharmacist, as part of Health Support Awareness. A not-for-profit 501-c-3 corporation. Originally HSA was founded in 1999 to help people obtain medications for FREE from the drug manufacturers, when they could not afford their brand name medications.

    Eventually, HSA started RX MEDS SUPPORT, a Pharmacy established to fill Generic RX's for the uninsured for $4.00 per month. Over the next couple of years many national pharmacy chains have adopted the $4.00 per month Generic plan. Thus allowing millions of patients to be able to afford their needed medications.

    During all his years as a Pharmacist, Mr Mueller became increasingly aware of a need for a computerized system that would allow people to keep their OWN medical data, including prescription information.

    In addition, a convenient printout of this medical record was needed ..... Thus the RX REPORT CARD was created.

    Now people only need an E-mail address and a password and they can create and maintain their own RX REPORT CARD.